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Did Democrats use talking points from a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate at the terrorism hearings?

The Daily Caller says “maybe,” and then presents the evidence that the answer is closer to “yes.”

MPAC recommended that its supporters accuse King of “pure political posturing,” and told them to say, “these hearings appear little more than a political circus with Rep. King as the ringleader.” MPAC also recommended supporters say that the “hearings hurt our national security” because of their “narrow scope.” Finally, it said supporters should say that the hearings were unnecessary because “active” partnerships between law enforcement and the American Muslim community already exist.

California Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson hit on the “pure political posturing” point in the MPAC memo. She compared King’s hearings to those of the McCarthy era.

Rep. Al Green, Texas Democrat, asked why King wasn’t investigating the Ku Klux Klan, something that plays right into the MPAC “suggested message” that the “hearings hurt our national security” because of a “narrow scope.”

“I think that all criminals should be prosecuted. I think that all terrorists should be investigated which is why I said we ought to investigate all of them and that would include the KKK,” Green said. “Over a hundred years of terrorism why not investigate them too. They are rooted in a religion as well. Check their website out. You’ll see.”

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison regurgitated all the MPAC talking points in his testimony at the beginning of the hearing.

MPAC is the Muslim Public Affairs Council, one of several groups operating in the US with alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — that group that according to ACU’s Suhail Khan, isn’t in the US at all. Even though they’ve been operating in the US and directly impacting US policy for years.

Wouldn’t it be something if the Democrats at that hearing on radical Islamic terrorism, used talking points handed them by a group tied to the very fountainhead of radical Islamic terrorism?

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