Cornyn wooing Scarborough for Florida Senate seate?

Will you ever learn, Big John, to do the George Costanza thing and pursue the opposite of what your instincts are telling you to do? You’d be better off that way.


Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), who heads the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), told The Hill on Thursday that he has talked to Scarborough a couple times about a Senate bid. And he indicated he’s still working on persuading the MSNBC host to run for the upper chamber. …

Cornyn noted on Thursday that Scarborough’s name ID is higher now than it was back then [when he was a conservative in the House]. Scarborough has been with MSNBC for the past eight years, initially hosting “Scarborough Country” and now “Morning Joe.”

Name ID isn’t everything. Just ask Charlie Crist, who enjoyed massive name ID and was Cornyn’s fair haired candidate — and got trounced by Marco Rubio in the GOP primary (or would have if he’d stuck around long enough), before jumping to run against him as an independent. And got trounced by Rubio again, thankfully. Cornyn’s hand picked candidate became a thorn in the side of the GOP.

Is there any reason to suspect that Joe Scarborough, who spends a big chunk of his airtime on America’s most reactionary cable network railing against Republicans, wouldn’t behave as Crist did? Or as Arlen Specter did, who also had big name ID and enjoyed Cornyn’s NRSC backing — and lost the primary, switched parties, and lost again?

The wooing of Joe Scarborough should cease, Big John.


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