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NPR gets favored treatment by Obama Administration

As the NPR tailspin continues, it is worth remembering that PJM covered some special favors the Holder Justice Department has doled out to NPR.  In this Pajamas Media exclusive,  I reported on Justice Department Freedom of Information Act logs which I obtained.   They reveal that leftist groups and media outlets get speedy service yet conservative groups or media outlets must wait months for the same information.  One named beneficiary of Justice Department favoritism was Ari Shapiro of National Public Radio.  While PJM and the Washington Times had to wait months (or longer) for their requests to be met – Ari Shapiro waited a whopping five days.  The Department is also in geosynchronous orbit with a variety of left wing blogs that purport to report news, but really are the mouthpiece for Eric Holder.  I covered one such blog here at PJM.  These toady outlets receive leaks, smears and news daily from the DOJ’s Office of Public Affairs.