Biased media coverage of NPR-gate in three ... two ...

News of a fresh video prank by ACORN-buster James O’Keefe hit the web this morning, and that can only be bad news for the folks at NPR. But that’s assuming the media will actually run it.


Seems O’Keefe’s Punk’d Army posed as Muslim sympathizers and got an NPR executive (Ron Schiller) to say all sorts of nasty things about conservatives. And, more importantly, Schiller directly contradicted NPR’s recent statements regarding its need for federal funding.

So what’s next?

When a liberal blogger prank called Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker it quickly made news across the MSM even though the governor didn’t say anything politically damaging. Will the same happen here?

Not likely. The story will probably play out this way. First, the MSM will try to ignore it. Then, a few outlets will begrudgingly air or post it, but with all sorts of labels attached to O’Keefe. The words “edited” or “highly edited” will appear regarding the video, and then the infamous Shirley Sherrod story will be brought up even though there’s no direct connection between the two.


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