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Organizing for America now using possible government shutdown in its email pitches

President Obama’s personal political army, Organizing for America, is out with a new email today claiming that the Republicans are not serious about the budget, that they’re awful and heartless and pining for a federal shutdown. Here’s how the email begins.

Friend —

Over the next 11 days, the President will ask Republicans to make a choice:

Set aside party politics — or risk 56,000 Texas jobs.

Where does that figure come from? Out of OfA’s backside, apparently. They never offer any supporting evidence for it.

Because if a budget agreement isn’t reached by next Friday, the government will shut down — and the President has made clear that the current plan as proposed by congressional Republicans is not acceptable.

The final budget cannot be dictated solely by one party or a narrow set of interests — it will affect every American.

Bold in the original, which is a striking turn from the days when the Democrats were content to ram their stimulus and ObamaCare through Congress without any Republican input.

That’s why true leadership means making tough choices and putting people before party or ideology.

And that’s the kind of leadership we need over the next 11 days.

The President is calling on both sides to come together, but it’s up to us to show Republicans in Congress that we have his back. As negotiations heat up, we all need to speak out to make sure they get the message.

After a link that OfA will use to harvest your email and other personal information, comes this howler:

President Obama has laid out a plan that reduces the deficit by a trillion dollars. He’s committed to finding common ground to cut wasteful spending, but he won’t go along with a plan that eliminates nearly a million jobs, guts investments in education and innovation, and ends protections that keep our food safe and air and water clean.

President Obama’s budget is an unserious joke. He didn’t even try to deal with any of the nation’s major fiscal problems. His budget cranks up taxes and does nothing about the entitlement spending that’s bankrupting the country. For those under 30 years of age, his budget is a giant economic albatross of debt taxes and weakness. But the truth is nowhere near the point of this OfA email, of course. It’s all just about motivating the left wing base, by whatever means possible.

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