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New Wisconsin ad buy points up unions' conflict of interest

That’s not the headline at the WaPo, mainly, one presumes, because the writer of the story there is Greg Sargent and he’s another MSM alum of the liberal blogs (TPM, in Sargent’s case).

Unions are going up with a hard-hitting new ad in Wisconsin, a labor source says, that takes direct aim for the first time at Republican state senators who continue to stand by Governor Walker, even as he sinks in the polls and the unpopularity of his budget repair proposal continues to mount. …

The ad, which is paid for by the labor-backed group Greater Wisconsin, is backed by a “significant” buy, the source tells me. The ad is a clear sign that unions will continue ramping up activity even as news reports indicate some senate Republicans may be wavering in their support for Walker.

Where do the unions get the money to put up this major buy? From taxpayers, who pay the salaries and benefits that get funneled in to the union dues that end up funding these ads.

The unions are using the taxpayers’ own money against them to protect the lavish benefits that the taxpayers pay for, and the taxpayers get no say in the matter.