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Is Natalie Portman glamorizing single motherhood?

No. It’s actually clear that she’s rejecting single motherhood, by marrying the father of the child she’s carrying. She’s a very wealthy actress with an extremely bright future, so it doesn’t seem likely that she’s marrying the father for financial reasons. She’s marrying him presumably for the best of reasons: She loves him and wants the best for their child. This being a Hollywood marriage in the modern age, the odds of it surviving more than a couple of years are not great. But as things stand now, Portman and her fiancee are making the best of a less than ideal situation.

Natalie Portman =/= Murphy Brown. But in saying what he said about her on the Medved show, Mike Huckabee can’t be credibly accused of generating a debate over Portman in connection with his presumed presidential run. Medved set up the question and asked it with a lot of framing, and Huckabee answered it. Huck did not pick this fight. We have no evidence that Medved and Huck teed that question up for Huck to take a swing at it.  Medved asked, Huckabee answered, opinionators pounce. Such is life. I’m not sure how else anyone would have expected a former Southern Baptist minister to answer a question about out-of-wedlock birth, except to say that it’s not ideal and to point out all the stats about broken families, and that’s pretty much what Huck said. Huck did go a bit too far in criticizing Portman directly, but that seems to come from his ignorance: He doesn’t seem to have been aware that she and the father are engaged.That, actually, is among the problems I have with Huckabee: He’s consistently quick to opine on things he knows little about and hasn’t looked into, and that’s asking for trouble. I also think a President Huckabee would get rolled by the Democrats pretty much all the time, but that’s a discussion for another day. Zombie offers Huck good advice that, alas, is unlikely to be taken. You can’t shut up and run for president at the same time. But you can talk smarter and know when limiting your comments or not talking at all is the best course.

Obviously Mike Huckabee and Natalie Portman disagree on what’s proper conduct for unmarried couples. But to the extent that we know her opinion on single motherhood, Natalie Portman evidently agrees with Mike Huckabee, that it’s not ideal.