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Harvard Welcomes ROTC Back

Interesting liberal priorities.  Harvard lifts it’s 41-year, Vietnam-era, campus ban on ROTC because the military drops Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Of course, Harvard didn’t kick ROTC off campus back in the 70’s because gay men and women weren’t allowed to serve openly in Vietnam or anywhere else.  The military’s policy concerning homosexuality simply served as a neat pretext in later years for the Cambridge campus to disdain the armed services and carry on their hippy-era, anti-ROTC tradition.

But wait.  The military still discriminates when it comes to gender.  After all, women are still not allowed to officially serve in combat roles.  Hmmm…  It seems that in the new millennium gay rights have eclipsed feminism.  What to make of this discrepancy, this oversight on the part of Harvard’s impeccably liberal elites?  Why aren’t they holding the feminist line?  Could it be because feminism is over?  So “pre-Bill Clinton” and whatever the meaning of “is” is?

Just a thought.