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EU meddling in U.S. domestic matters

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty as a constitutionally-protected punishment. It’s supported by two-thirds of the American public, according to Gallup. But that hasn’t stopped the European Union from funding death penalty opponents in the United States, to the tune of $3.6 million in 2009 alone.

For example, the EU showered almost $1 million on the American Bar Association’s Fund for Justice and Education to support its “Death Penalty Assessments Project: Toward a Nationwide Moratorium on Executions.” Apparently the ABA not only likes foreign law, it’s happy to take foreign money to help implement it here.

You can get all the details about the EU’s largesse toward American anti-death penalty activists in Nile Gardiner’s exposee in The Telegraph. It raises some interesting questions about the EU’s attempted interference in our country’s internal affairs. “Imagine the outcry in Brussels if the US government funded policy groups in the EU,” Nile suggests. “[C]harges of ‘American imperialism’ would inevitably follow.”