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Dem Govs Association officially gets in bed with the unions

The Republican Governors Association has been standing with Gov. Scott Walker, so it does stand to reason that the DGA, led by Maryland’s boy governor, Martin O’Malley, would meet up with Walker’s opposites. But there is a big difference at work here. The RGA is helping a fellow governor who is grappling with tough budget problems. It’s not at all clear who’s doing the ordering in the DGA-union meeting. AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka famously bragged on tape about his own very frequent meetings with the president himself. This meeting with the DGA may well be a chance for the unions to make sure the DGA will dance to their tune going forward.

O’Malley is meeting in Washington on Wednesday with top executives of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor union.

“He will discuss the political power grabs that many Republican governors are attempting, and what Democratic governors can do to work with public employees’ labor unions and the business community to create jobs,” Adamec told The Washington Examiner. The morning meeting will be held at the AFL-CIO headquarters.

This all took place yesterday, while today we’ve learned that the WI Dems staged their entire run from Madison to help get union contracts done ahead of the Walker budget repair bill. Those concessions the unions have lately been saying they will agree too? Meaningless, in light of this.