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Two weeks before telling constituents of resignation, Rep. Harman tipped off candidate

There is another episode in the ongoing saga of Rep. Jane Harman’s abrupt resignation after winning last November’s election to take a cushy Washington job.  It now appears that two weeks before telling her constituents she was abandoning the office she had just won, she secretly tipped off her long time friend and “little sister,” Janice Hahn, who is now running for Harman’s congressional seat.

Hahn, a Los Angeles City Councilwoman, also was a special guest of Harman and sat inside the coveted Capitol Building chamber when President Obama delivered his State of the Union.

Having several weeks head start, Hahn has built up a hefty roster of official L.A. endorsements. She comes from a family that has built a political dynasty for more than 40 years. Her dad, Kenneth Hahn, served on the LA County Board of Supervisors for 40 years. Her brother, James Hahn, is the only person ever to serve as LA mayor, city controller and city attorney.

There are still protests over the fact that taxpayers will have to pay for a primary, perhaps a runoff and a general election because of Harman’s decision to resign after winning re-election. Some have asked Harman, worth at least $100 million, to compensate taxpayers for the new primary and election costs.