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Greens, reds and government union cheeseheads

As greens converge to join their fellow comrades in Madison and state capitals elsewhere, there has been little mention of why the former are in solidarity with the latter. But of course the same fellow who initiated the first collective bargaining for public employee unions, then-Gov. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, also then started Earth Day as Sen. Nelson a few years later, as you can see in the flier here.

So, you see, it clearly, really is coincidence that he chose V.I. Lenin’s birthday, April 22, for that struggle to declare solidarity with the newest victim of the horrors of capitalism, ‘the environment’, after it became apparent both that this was no longer the 1920s, and what unions were really doing. Our friends so addicted to argumentum ad hominem are then by definition well-schooled at changing the subject. Now is a good time to remember that.