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WH spokesman Carney: Gaddafi has 'lost the confidence of his people'

Did he ever have it?  Muammar Gaddafi has been a dictator for decades. The people of Libya never had any say in the matter. WH spokesman Jay Carney, currently addressing the unrest in Libya at a press briefing, also said that the dictator’s “legitimacy has been reduced to zero.” In reality, that’s where Gaddafi’s legitimacy started.

Carney was asked whether President Obama agrees with French President Sarkozy that Gaddafi “must go.” Carney balked, saying that that’s up to the people of Libya.

That is not what the White House said when faced with unrest in Egypt just a few weeks ago. The White House repeatedly called on Mubarak to transition out of power.

The US is announcing sanctions against Libya, but I haven’t seen the details on those yet.