'US Uncut' planning pro-spending flash mob disruptions Saturday

Poke around the interwebs and you never know what you’ll turn up. There’s a group out there calling itself “US Uncut” that models itself on a UK version, which claims to have created enough flash mobs and other kinds of disruptions there, that they’ve “swept the UK.” UK Uncut, according to The Nation (home of the Cloward-Piven strategy), is a sort of “progressive Tea Party.” Yeah, I know, that makes no sense — the actual Tea Party hearkens back to the original (which happened in 1773, liberals, in case you didn’t know), to protest excessive taxation and government authority. A “progressive Tea Party” would argue for more government spending, which means higher taxes and more government authority. It would be the antithesis of both the original and current Tea Parties. But in progressiveland, you don’t have to make sense. You don’t even have to know what you’re talking about. You just have to find a meme and ride it, and that’s what they’re doing.


So here’s US Uncut, a “progressive Tea Party,” setting up a bunch of events all over the country on Saturday, Feb 26. Go to their front page and they’ve got a handy map of all of their little sit-ins. Or go here for a list version. Their two minutes hate enemy seems to be Bank of America (it’s Barclays, the bank not the soccer league the bank sponsors, that’s the target in the UK). Here’s the kind of genius stuff they’ve got going over across the pond, all in the name of keeping the government spigot turned up full open. Just don’t mess with my Arsenal games, k?


And here’s another, in which they mindlessly chant about not paying for the crisis or whatever. Calling themselves the “counter insurgency” is a nice touch. Who’s the “insurgency,” Barclays’ CEO? David Cameron? Do these people have a clue?

The thing about this kind of tactic is that it really doesn’t bother the actual target. The CEO of BoA cares frak all about a bunch of bozos chanting in a few of his bank’s thousands of branches. This just inconveniences the people who happen to be banking that day.


It’s all pretty silly imho. And may be coming to a bank near you Saturday. So get your business done on Friday.


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