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The Brothers Love the Mullahs

Yes, Muslim Brotherhood leaders really go for their pals in Tehran.  Here is one of their top guys–Brother Kamal el-Helbawi, until the mid-90s their spokesthing in “the West” in fact–gushing over the wonders of the Islamic Republic and holding it up as a model for the caliphate-to-be.

He could hardly be more explicit.  Iran, he said recently at a conference in the Iranian capital, ‘serves as a model of resistance against the West’s domination and serves as a model for the Muslim world and Ummah.’

And for those of you who still believe that Sunnis and Shi’ites can’t get along, remember that the Brotherhood is the very model of radical Sunnism, and the Iranian regime is totally Shi’ite.  It doesn’t bother our Brother at all, because, you see, he prays that Iran be seen as a model of ‘justice, unity among Shia and Sunni, human rights and respect for humanity.’

To be sure, he’s a bit confused about just how the Iranian paradise works.  He called President Ahmadinejad “the number one figure of the Muslim world … for he speaks bravely against the corrupt regimes.’

He should take note of the role of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic.  He doesn’t like being relegated to the rear rows of the great Muslim orchestra…

But there’s time to sort out such details once Egypt is part of the caliphate.