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Obama on Libya: the violence is 'unacceptable' and violates 'every standard of common decency'

The president is breaking his silence on Libya, speaking out on Gaddafi’s massacre of his own people for the first time since it began. And he is speaking forcefully. Apparently, the president remained silent as long as he did in order to get Americans who were in the country, out. That was a reasonable call — Gaddafi already has a long history of killing innocent Americans, and the possibility of him seizing Americans inside Libya to use as human shields did exist.

Update: Obama’s remarks ended after a couple of minutes, and he took no questions. He strongly condemned the violence, and said his administration is examining the “full range of options” to respond to the Gaddafi regime’s violence. But as Glenn Beck just noted, Obama never mentioned Gaddafi by name. Gaddafi is, of course, the author of the violence. Why not name him as such?