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"Sick" teachers face docked pay, other discipline

(Washington Examiner)

Madison, Wisconsin school officials say union teachers who call in sick to attend protests face docked pay and possibly other disciplinary measures.  According to Madison Metropolitan School District spokesman Ken Syke, school management informed teachers before the sick-out began that teachers calling in sick would have to prove that they were actually ill — or they would be disciplined.

“We announced to the staff earlier this week, when we first got wind of this, that if they were sick they had to have written verification from their health care provider if they were indeed sick for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,” says Syke.  “If they don’t have that, they are for sure going to be docked their pay, and secondly they are liable for other consequences.  We have not yet determined to have those or not, but the docking of pay will take place for sure.”

By the way, so far I’ve had no response from the UW Medical School.  It will be interesting to see if “written verification” from the doctors identified as providing fraudulent doctors’ notes will be accepted.