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AIDS in Iran's 'holy' city of Qom

Dr. Ebrahim Hadji-Mozaffari, director of the Health and Wellness organization of the province of Qom has reported that as of March 21, 2010, ninety six people have died in the holy city of Qom, due to complications from AIDS; three were women and ninety three were men.

Also during this period 522 individuals have been diagnosed with full blown AIDS in Qom, of which 477 of them are men and 45 are women.

The skyrocketing of HIV/AIDS in Iran is mainly fueled by an epidemic of injecting drug use as well as sexual transmission. Iran has the largest heroin problem in the world.

In a recent editorial, the German publication Die Welt finally divulged that the Iranian regime itself is in fact the biggest drug dealer in the world, a fact also confirmed by top-secret dispatches from the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan and revealed by Wikileaks. Iranians have known and reported this for years.