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Virginia Democrat Chairman vs. Eric Holder and Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli

Maybe Virginia Democratic Party Chair Brian Moran can apologize to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  If not, perhaps Moran can attack the Obama Justice Department next.

Last December, Moran (brother of Congressman Jim “Racism Won the 2010 Election” Moran) attacked Cuccinelli for even suggesting that Virginia need not be subject to the preclearance provisions of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  Section 5 effectively gives the federal government control over the electoral process in 16 states.  The law has serious constitutional defects, according to all nine members of the Supreme Court.  But states can bailout, if they decide to sue to escape the provisions.  So far, not a single state has done so.

Moran barked last December: “Ken Cuccinelli’s claim that Virginia no longer has any need for oversight of our redistricting process is not only ignorant, it’s downright dangerous.  Too many Virginians fought for too long for equal representation for our attorney general to put his near-pathological aversion to government ahead of their civil rights by removing the safeguards that ensure the integrity of our political system,” Moran said.

Cuccinelli had questioned whether Virginia should remain subject to Section 5.  This week, so did the Obama Justice Department.  In a brief filed this week, the Justice Department noted “Virginia may be eligible to bail out in the near future.  The last objection within Virginia occurred in 2003, to one of a series of redistricting plans submitted by Northampton County.” (footnote 5). 

Any chance Moran will lay into the DOJ for expressing the same sentiment as Cuccinelli?  Of course not, but he might at least retract his attack on the Attorney General.