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To those of you who drink (or just need a reason to)

Set the Wayback Machine for June, 2009. Nearly two years ago, I looked at the stories covering nascent Obamanomics and wrote a cute little column concluding thusly:

Add up all the headlines and here’s what you have: The certainty that the government will screw up the markets, and uncertainty as to what new rules the markets will work under. Everyone is too scared to move, and for good reason. So there will be no new jobs, there will be no growth.

Until Team Obama gets its collective head out of our asses, all we have to look forward to is bumbling incompetence and pointless arguments. Which might be entertaining if they didn’t result in taxes, stagflation, and the Francification of a once-great nation.

Here were are, 20 months later, and I’m not being cute about it any more. To put things bluntly, we have union nastiness in Wisconsin, stubborn (and unexpected!) unemployment, sluggish growth, and incipient stagflation.

Sometimes it sucks to be right. As Heinlein wrote, Cassandra didn’t get half the kicking around she deserved.

So on that note, I’m going to pour myself a brandy in a snifter the size of John Madden’s open palms and go read a comic book in bed.