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Photo: Socialist revolutionaries brand Egypt's revolution as their own

Last night we posted on a facebook page that socialists are using to generate a “Day of Rage” here in the US, keying off the Middle East unrest. That is by no means the full extent of how the hard left hopes to ride the unrest to prominence and maybe power. Take a look at this photo, which J. Christian Adams snapped in Pennsylvania today. It’s advertising a socialist forum on Egypt at the University of Pittsburgh, set for Feb. 21. Click on the image to embiggen it.

Here’s the wall of text on the right-hand side. Click to embiggen.

Head over to the websites mentioned on the sign, and the ISSE’s site, and you’ll see that they’re pushing the unrest as a socialist revolution that they would like to replicate — here — casting it as a time when the workers are rising up, coming to the fore, and so forth. I’m not saying that the unrest actually is socialist-driven. Just pointing out that the hard left is attempting to rebrand it as theirs, and using it to propagandize snd recruit. That’s what the public talk at Pitt is all about.

And as Michael Ledeen pointed out way back on February 2, Days of Rage is itself a throwback to the bad old Weathermen days.

So…are there any Tatler readers around Pittsburgh looking for something to do on Feb. 21?