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DOJ Voting Section reviewing union recruitment rules in Alabama

Eric Holder’s Justice Department is reviewing whether or not Alabama laws prohibiting public sector unions on state universities, and rules which prohibit union recruitment on state property is subject to an objection under the… Voting Rights Act!  You read that correctly.   I have a posting about it here and a story appears in the Anniston Star.   Alabama citizens should demand to know why the Alabama Attorney General or Secretary of State even submitted these rules to the Voting Section of the Justice Department in the first place.  They have nothing to do with voting.  They don’t need Eric Holder’s permission.  Did the Voting Section tell Alabama they must?  This illustrates yet another unconstitutional application of the Voting Rights Act by a Voting Section that desperately needs to be reigned in on January 21, 2013.  PJ Tatler has published numerous warnings that states should submit their redistricting plans directly to federal court instead of the Voting Section.  This incident provides yet another.