'All of you are white. Go to hell.' - the video

Since both Steve and I posted on Dallas Co Commissioner John Wiley Price’s antics in county court this week, it’s only right that we post the video now that it’s available. So here it is. Wait for the “fat boy” remark too.


As Steve noted, Price was reacting to being called a “mullah.” But get this: Price wasn’t reacting to that because he dislikes “mullah” or mullahs, who do have a certain reputation for intolerance. Price thought the term was “racist.”

As the shouting escalated, bailiffs stepped in and cleared the room.

Price later told KRLD-AM of Dallas he was bound to respond to being called a “mullah” in that context, which he thought to be racist.

Price evidently has no idea what a mullah is, so it must be a racial slur (like the “astrological scientific term” “black hole” a while back). The Tatler finds ourselves mulling keeping a John Wiley Price File, as we’re sure he will be an endless source of entertainment.


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