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Obama's Strategic Concept: I'm Not George W. Bush. Love Me!

No, I’m no fan of MSNBC either. But a friend just sent around a clip you’ve got to see — in which MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough and friends tackle the job of discussing with historian Niall Ferguson the elusive topic of President Obama’s foreign policy. The MSNBC folks ask about the Obama administration’s achievements in Egypt’s uprising, and furrow their brows as Ferguson replies, “They just looked like they hadn’t a clue. It’s as simple as that.” Another question: “Do you see any foreign policy stars or big thinkers in this administration?” You can see the confusion mount, as Ferguson replies: “None.”

The whole thing runs about 11 minutes — here’s a link — worth watching, as the incredulous discussants wend their way toward Ferguson’s warning about the Muslim Brotherhood, and his pronouncement that while President George W. Bush had a grand strategy and a great deal of influence in the Middle East, Obama has almost no influence, and “As far as I can see, President Obama’s strategic concept is, I’m not George W. Bush. Love me!”