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The Nation preps a stakeout to pimp global warming alarmism

On Tuesday, The Nation and its camera-toting minions will be staking out the U.S. Chamber, Fox News, and surely some groups like CEI in seeking some media hooks as they pimp a book by one of their favorite global warming alarmists, and co-incidentally advocating the president’s budget push and Senate hearing seeking massive increases in already bloated budgets for climatically meaningless “green jobs”/”clean energy economy” schemes.

Students of the president know these as his “other ways to skin the cat” now that cap-and-trade imploded, bringing down a bunch of elected Dems with it.

The Nation’s objective: an entirely unpredictable bout of …ta da, name-calling. You’re a “climate crank”, you see, if you don’t care for their agenda. But, as I note here, that doesn’t withstand a moment’s scrutiny. And that would be a discussion worth having. Had their expensive, decades-long campaign pushing political science also not imploded with ClimateGate.