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The Future and Its Enemies meets Eat the Future

I doubt Paul Krugman has read the superbly titled The Future and Its Enemies, but I thought of Virginia Postrel’s excellent book when I was barely halfway though Krugman’s latest – Eat the Future. Now I confess I almost never read Krugman because he’s so bourgeois and predictable (Is there a single publication more bourgeois in its essence than the NYT – replete with phony progressivism surrounding the latest ads for Saks Fifth and Bergdorf’s?), but I’m in NY, staying over at relatives. When in Rome, as they say. Anyway, today Krugman’s brief is that the Republican budget cutting will stifle future innovation in our society. Forget Edison, Ford, Gates, Jobs, all the scientists at the various drug companies who have driven our life spans beyond our wildest dreams, etc., etc. for Krugman it’s the government that does the real innovating and not the stifling. Call it The Discrete Charm of Bourgeoisie.