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Muslims Destroying Evidence of Jewish History at Temple Mount

As bad as denying access to sites sacred to other religions, Muslims have a history of destroying physical evidence of  the history of other religions. The destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha was well-documented proof of this Now  Gil Ronan of Israelnationalnews says there is proof of an their destruction of the ancient Jewish alter on the sacred Temple Mount:

Muslim religious authorities are concluding a
clandestine eight-month dig on the Temple Mount that is intended to erase
traces of the Jewish Temple’s Altar, Temple activists charge.

The digs have been taking place under the Dome of the Chain, believed to
have been built over 1300 years ago. For eight months, the dome – which has
a diameter of 14 meters – has been surrounded by a metal fence and black
cloth, which hide whatever activity has been going on there from outside
inspection. The Muslim Waqf religious authority has claimed the activity is
simply a refurbishing of the structure, but refuses adamantly to let Jews or
tourists near.

Jewish activists made various attempts to enter the Dome, but met with no
success. In the end, the Our Temple Mount news outlet found an Arab who was
willing to take photos inside the compound in return for a handsome fee (see
below). The man said that it appears the Waqf has already completed its digs
and is now covering the dig with dirt.

Our Temple Mount notes that according to Jewish tradition, the place where
the Dome of the Chain is located is the spot upon which the sacrificial
Altar stood in Temple times. Temple activists said that the Muslim digs are
intended to erase the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.