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Meanwhile on the other side of the world

Cairo might be enjoying “increasing signs of normality,” but the revolution goes on.

Google’s Wael Ghonim has been released and is once again in front of roaring crowds — the largest demonstration yet, in fact. Sandmonkey reports that

The tweet I just retweeted is from government propagandist extraordinaire Abdallah Kamal. He hasn’t written anything since #jan25 . Success.

So it would seem the Egyptian government is still without its semi-official mouthpiece, which might help explain why anti-regime negotiators feel strong enough to reject Mubarak’s compromise plan. “Even” Mubarak’s hand-picked Vice-President, Omar Suleiman, can’t generate any trust:

“We don’t trust them any more,” Ahmed, one young Egyptian queuing to get into the square, told the BBC. “How can Suleiman guarantee there’ll be no more violence around the election after all the attacks we’ve seen on young people.”

There’s a lot of energy left on the streets of Cairo, but not much remaining in the Presidential Palace.