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Re: Code Pink and the mullahs

Thanks, Michael. Proves my point rather well. As you know, that’s just one of several links between the American and Western left and the Middle East’s worst. This has all been well known and documented for years, to the point that it shouldn’t be particularly controversial anymore. The question is, how do we get some of our conservative allies to see this and incorporate it into their thinking?

And while I’m asking questions, I’m wondering of the Kristol faction: What’s their best-case endgame in Egypt? The way I see it, a quick transition to democracy there in the short term is likeliest to lead toward either of these outcomes: A “democracy” that ends up in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood et al (because they’re the most organized and ruthless opposition group, and we’re not there to keep them from power), or a democracy that’s every bit as friendly to the United States as Erdogan’s Turkey is now. Which is to day, an Egypt that’s not very friendly to the United States at all and might well cause a great deal of trouble. And that’s best case, short term, if Egypt transitions to democracy in the current conditions.

I’d love to be wrong.