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U.S. attaining Third-World status

Due to yesterday’s arctic blast, Texas experienced a severe strain on its electric power grid. For example:

  • El Paso Electric lost all eight of its generating plants, requiring rolling blackouts up to two hours.
  • Water pipes burst from the cold at two coal-fire power plants, forcing them to shut down, initiating state-wide rolling blackouts.
  • Rolling blackouts began statewide at 5:45 AM yesterday and lasted until about 2 PM.

As a result, we had to import power from another third-world country: Mexico.

Since January 2000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that America lost 32.5% of its manufacturing jobs.

Meanwhile, Financial Times reported that China is set to become the world’s leading manufacturer in 2011.

What do China and Mexico have in common?

  • Oppression of individual liberty.
  • Elite ruling cadres exerting their own forms of feudalism upon the masses.

Meanwhile, Obama just exempted General Electric’s new power plant from his new global warming rules. Only two weeks ago, GE CEO Jeff Immelt joined Obama’s team as leader of the economic advisory council.

Looks like America is “catching up” very quickly.