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(UPDATE: Sandmonkey OK, tweets!) Sandmonkey arrest rumors spreading

Sandmonkey tweets!:

will tell the story later . Thank you all. I just need to rest now. #jan25

I am ok. I got out. I was ambushed & beaten by the police, my phone confiscated , my car ripped apar& supplies taken #jan25


Roger L. Simon tries to contact Sandmonkey’s confiscated cell phone — perhaps a Mubarak thug will answer?


A tweet from CynthFarah, whose brother Amir Farahat was apparently arrested and released along with Sandmonkey:

@Sandmonkey #Sandmonkey and my brother have been released but badly beaten by Mubarak’s militia, the broke my brother’s teeth.

And this, from CandaceHetchler:

from Amir: RT @flingpooatu: @CandaceHetchler i never felt such fear, we @Sandmonkey did not escape, were released by high ranking officers.


Michael Totten has kindly posted Sandmonkey’s entire last post prior to his detainment. Read here.


RamyYaacoub tweets me directly:

@DavidSPJM He does not have a cellphone, and his laptop is not in the location he is going too

Keep checking back here, we’ll get you a Sandmonkey interview as soon as we can.

Trying to contact RamyYaacoub and Sandmonkey now, we hope Ramy’s latest tweets are true:

OnPhone W/ @SandMonkey: “My car is completely destoryed, my cellphone was taken, we were saved by my friend’s extra phone” #SandMonkey

OnPhone W/ @SandMonkey: “We were just released after a 2 hour arrest, the beating came before the arrest” #SandMonkey

OnPhone W/ @SandMonkey: “We were released, we did NOT run away . . . heading back to safety now” #SandMonkey


Great news from RemyYaacoub?:

Update #SandMonkey: Correction, its seems that they escaped. @Sandmonkey is still on the run with a friend #Jan25


Just hours after Roger L. Simon conducted a phone interview with Sandmonkey, the Guardian is reporting that Sandmonkey has been arrested, his blog is down, and Twitter is awash with rumors of the same.

Here is Sandmonkey’s last blog post prior to going offline.

See this tweet from RamyYacoub:

I just called @SandMonkey ‘s phone and a man answered and he asked me who I am, I said where is monkey, he said your c*nt friend is arrested

Also this, from the BBC:

1334: Ahmed Rasheed in Cairo tells the BBC: “Two of my friends have been arrested – one is the blogger Sandmonkey. They were trying to get food and medical supplies. These thugs [supporters of Mubarak] are arresting people and delivering them to the secret police. I was at the protest last night and I got injured after a stone was thrown at my head. I’m going to go back today and get food and medical supplies, if I don’t get arrested.” Sandmonkey’s blog appears to have been suspended.