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Barack Obama, progressive saint and king

Is The One angling to be named Defender of the (progressive) Faith or what? He didn’t let the Gulf oil spill go to waste, using it to pretty much destroy an entire industry, while he’s threatening to prop up the EPA’s massive regulatory power grab against the will of Congress. And as Congress steps up in its oversight role and asks questions about the oil permatorium, Obama is ignoring them altogether.

Congressman Darrell Issa is in charge of the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, granting him the power to subpoena information from the Executive Branch and various Departments.
He has issued subpoenas to several Departments, including the Department of Homeland Security, asking for information and to date he is simply being ignored.

As you’ll see at the link, Issa is fighting back. For all the talk that Obama 2.0 would be a more centrist, pragmatic president, the evidence so far says that his November shellacking hasn’t moderated him a bit.