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Planned Parenthood fires staffer, state investigation may follow

It may be worth re-stating what I said at the outset of this story: Wherever you stand on the abortion issue, Planned Parenthood is not licensed to operate outside existing law.  That in mind, Planned Parenthood today fired the staffer seen in undercover video from New Jersey, advising a pimp on how to keep his underage sex slave business going.  The pimp was a fake, and the video was a set-up designed to see what Planned Parenthood staff would do when presented with a clearly illegal situation.  The staffer has been fired, but her behavior suggests that Planned Parenthood skirts the law as a matter of routine. Her flagrant disregard for immigration law stands out.  She described another staffer as her “partner in crime.” New Jersey’s AG is now looking into investigating PP as well, as he should.

Planned Parenthood has been previously stung outside New Jersey. In Indiana, an undercover video captured Planned Parenthood staff offering inaccurate medical counseling in order to convince a young woman to have an abortion. Two years earlier, another undercover video captured Planned Parenthood staff helping to cover up the rape of an underage girl.

Planned Parenthood’s response is to attack the messenger, arguing that the undercover videos are somehow wrong because they’re edited, and to fire the staffers involved.  Neither response is adequate.  It’s evident that Planned Parenthood has a systemic problem that crosses state lines. This administration is unlikely, to say the least, to investigate.  But Congress and states can cut off their $300 million in taxpayer funds, and states can follow New Jersey’s lead and investigate.