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Egypt: McCain sees ElBaradei for what he is

It’s a cliche to say that elections matter, but elections matter.  On the one hand we have the victors of our 2008 election, tacitly welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into a post-Mubarak Egyptian government, and not criticizing Mohamed ElBaradei, and on the other hand, the man who lost in 2008, Sen. John McCain, telling it like it actually is.

“ElBaradei is not a friend of the United States. Second of all, he could be a figure hood [sic] for the Muslim Brotherhood since he has no real following in Egypt. He has lived most of his life outside of Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood, we ought to recognize, is an organization that wants Sharia law, tied up with Hamas,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told FOX News.

I’m pretty sure McCain can tell the difference between a general and a waiter, too.