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Shock video: NJ Planned Parenthood clinic aids pimp's underage sex slave operation

The headline doesn’t quite do justice to what Lila Rose’s undercover video captured on January 11 of this year.  For a very complete description, read Kathryn Jean Lopez’s post at the Corner.

Wherever you come down on the abortion issue — I happen to be pro-life — Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to operate above or outside the law. But the behavior of the Planned Parenthood officer in the video suggests that they do, as a matter of routine, on a range of laws from immigration to prostitution to bribery.  At one point, the Planned Parenthood officer also suggests to the fake pimp that there is yet another clinic that operates even farther outside the law than PP does.  We have seen just in the past couple of weeks what can happen when an abortion clinic goes unchecked and unregulated for decades on end: Mass murder.

Planned Parenthood is doing its best to distract, saying that it alerted the FBI after similar “pimp” visits were reported in five states. There’s no evidence so far that Planned Parenthood did anything about its own employee offering to help the pimp keep his business going.

Planned Parenthood receives $300 million in taxpayer funds per year.

Update: Planned Parenthood responds.