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Reuters spins Judge Vinson to the left

Reuters (from the Latin for “disdain”) isn’t exactly holding its cards close to its chest. Here’s the second graf from Tom Brown’s write-up on today’s ObamaCare strikedown:

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, appointed to the bench by Republican President Ronald Reagan, ruled that the reform law’s so-called individual mandate went too far in requiring that Americans start buying health insurance in 2014 or pay a penalty.

“So-called” by everyone from the President on down, so Brown could probably safely drop the scare quotes. And you know what he means by mentioning Reagan: “Appointed by Reagan? That judge must be ancient! And a conservative! Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyaaaaaah!” Also, was Reagan’s party affiliation ever in doubt? And is the President who appointed Vinson 20-plus years ago really rank as second-graf important?

Now the fourth graf:

Referring to a key provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he sided with governors and attorneys general from 26 U.S. states, almost all of whom are Republicans, in declaring it unconstitutional.

Eeeeeeevil Republican attorneys general, trying to take away you “Patient Protection and Affordable Care” Act. (Hey, I can use scare quotes almost as well as Reuters.) What Brown is implying here, of course, is that trying to roll back ObamaCare is the height of partisanship. What Brown doesn’t feel necessary to mention is that the bill passed on an entirely partisan Democratic vote in both houses, and even then required legal trickery to get the job done.

Remember when Reuters used to do this kind of smear with subtlety? Yeah, me neither.