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Report from Afghanistan on Egyptian Turmoil

A friend stationed  in Afghanistan writes:

[E]verything we are witnessing is prelude to the big prize: KSA[Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. But KSA isn’t the real point of all this.

While the Muslim Brotherhood has the street riled up, this isn’t their doing. It appears to me to be Iran/Syria/Hezbollah taking advantage of local gripes, in this case with MB, in other places though plain old destabilization. The desired end state is to isolate pro-western Arab states and surround Israel with enemies.

If this really is Iran/Syria/Hezbollah at work, it satisfies any number of their shared goals, not the least of which is to set up a pan-Islamic push on Israel. Twelver Persian, Baathist Syrian, permanently aggrieved Lebanese and Pali, Islamist MB…all brought together for the elimination of Israel under a single banner with the combined national means of all of the states they control (including imported Nork missile and nuke tech). It’s like multi-culti Nasserism. And these people know that they have essentially two years in which the US is unlikely to react with much vigor to any single country falling.

Oddly, the last dominoes to fall will be places like KSA, Kuwait, The Emirates and Iraq – countries either controlling or adjacent to the sacred Arabian Peninsula Al Qaeda (an offshoot of MB) makes such a big deal about. But they don’t have to fall in order to move on the Little Satan and mess with US oil supply. They just have to be isolated. SO it’s really a question of long term priorities and I’d be willing to bet there aren’t many Administration juiceboxers who have played this thing out more than to maybe the next move.

We are IMO, no shit, watching the opening shots on a Cold War type of struggle with the Axis of Evil + Venezuela, that will play out across everywhere we have a national interest. I guess I have job security for a while.

Let me just say it again for the record: Iraq was never about Iraq.