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Ah, civility: Dem strategist wants Republicans 'deep fried'

Earlier today I was on KRLD radio in Dallas to talk about Sarah Palin’s “WTF?” reaction to the State of the Union address.  Palin has become the left’s chief figure of hate over the past couple of years, with hits on her becoming so routine that it’s tough to keep track of all of them.   Just this week there’s Tracy Morgan’s nationally broadcast sexual fantasy about Palin, to which he confessed during Inside the NBA Thursday night.  There’s the fact-free smear on Todd Palin.  Andrew Sullivan’s ongoing Trig Trutherism.  DKos et all partying like it’s 1773, only to have that blow up in their faces.

So anyway, I was on the air opposite Texas Democrat strategist Jason Stanford, who spent the majority of the segment laughing like a hyena at the mere mention of Palin’s name.  Here’s his company’s website, masthead image below.

In case you can’t read the text there, here’s what it says.  WE SERVE REPUBLICANS. WOULD YOU LIKE THEM SKEWERED, ROASTED OR DEEP FRIED?

Obviously, that’s tongue in cheek, no less or more tongue in cheek than Palin’s take on the SOTU.  Just as obviously, given the Democrats’ utter destruction in Texas over the past few years, Stanford et al haven’t been all that successful in pushing their hard left agenda on a state that obviously has no interest in it.  But tongue in cheek cannibalism is hardly what you’d call on board with the left’s current civility program, no?