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Rep. Allen West responds to President Obama's SOTU address

Rep. Allen West is a low key, no nonsense and highly decorated former Army Lt. Col who won elected office in last November’s mid-term election sweep.  He is a Tea Party favorite and a successful African American conservative candidate.

PJTV’s Alexis Garcia spent time today with Rep. West in his Washington, D.C., congressional office.  She sought his thoughts about President Obama’s State of the Union speech, and his new role as a freshman congressman and as a conservative member of the arch liberal Congressional Black Caucus.   You can see her full PJTV interview here. Or click on the thumbnail image.

Rep. West directly addresses the president’s hijacking of conservative language, his promise of a spending freeze, the celebration of retreat in Iraq, Rep. Paul Ryan’s televised response and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s prediction of the demise of the Tea Party.

West responds with his typical low key, but direct military manner.  But it’s clear in his conversation with Alexis why in January 2004, the conservative online political magazine FrontPage Magazine named Allen West its Man of the Year.

Click here to see Alexis’ full PJTV interview with Rep. West.