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Restrepo for best documentary Oscar

A few weeks ago at Pajamas Media, I wrote how Restrepo was a must see.  The Sebastian Junger documentary about our brave troops in Afghanistan has received an Oscar nomination for best documentary.    What is it about?  The filmmakers embed in a front line unit for a year. The PJM piece said:

“Restrepo catalogs the valor and ingenuity of the American infantry soldier in Afghanistan. After a fierce firefight that costs the life of platoon medic Private Juan Restrepo, fifteen Army soldiers seize the high outcrop from whence the Taliban unleashed their ambush. Under starlight, they dig in and stake claim to this high perch in no-man’s land — from whence they rain fire down on Islamic militants for the next year.

No computers. No fax machines. No time to relax at O.P. Restrepo. Firefights are almost a daily event. Here, ballots come by mail, if they come at all. And rough men standing ready in the night occupy so many other O.P. Restrepos.”