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Jihad by Bluetooth?

One of the most sophisticated and prominent jihad forums has been exploiting Bluetooth technology to transfer documents, according to an ongoing series on terrorist monitor Starting in October 2009, Ansar al-Mujahideen forum began offering a special data-package designed for mobile phones, with nearly every part of the radicalization process included.

“The content of all data-packages is well chosen and … comprises new, up-to-date materials, but also capitalizes on older fundamental documents that are of ultimate importance in the jihadists’ mindset,” according the blog. “The general aim of these packages is described in a ‘mission statement’ that includes an invitation to join the endeavor of spreading jihadist materials and to ‘develop the jihadist media’.”

The documents are updated by a new branch of Ansar al-Mujahideen, called the “Mobile Division” (Arabic info here).

Jihadi media is developing quickly. This is just another example of how the bad guys are expanding their reach, through social networks, recruiting videos, and glossy magazines.