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Inhofe says mixed seating at the SOTU is a mistake

This morning on the nationally syndicated radio show “America’s Morning News” co-hosted by John McCaslin and Amy Holmes, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) declared his opposition to mixed party seating tonight at the State of the Union.  In contrast to his Oklahoma colleague Tom Coburn, who plans to sit next to New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, Senator Inhofe has no mixed feelings that mixed seating tonight “is a mistake!”

Here are the transcript and sound clip from the show.

Holmes: …Do you have plans to sit next to a member of the opposing party?

Inhofe: No, I think it’s a mistake by the Republicans, and it’s ingenious for Democrats to try to intermingle, get the Republicans and the Democrats together. Because when they stand and cheer for some of the liberal doctrines the the president’s going to come out with, it’s obvious to the people in America that only the Democrats are cheering and the Republicans are not. But moving them all in there together, you won’t be able to distinguish the Republicans from Democrats.

I think it’s a mistake and the answer is, “no.”

I received a nice invitation to sit next to couple of the Democrats.

Which he rightly rejected.