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Obama invokes Reagan(!?) to push hopenchange

USA Today op-ed from The One:

President Reagan recognized the American people’s hunger for accountability and change — putting our nation on a bold new path toward both.

True.  But.  The American people in 1980 voted for change away from the kinds of policies that Obama embodies.  Change for change’s sake is either meaningless or often dangerous.  That wasn’t Reagan.  He never pushed gauzy hopenchange only to pay off his cronies and apologize for America’s existence.  And Reagan’s “bold new path?”  Peace through strength.  Open markets.  Less government in our lives.  The opposite of Obama’s hopenchange, where America owes the world an apology, government is the cure for all that ails, and the market is to be the tool of bureaucrats to push a far left agenda.

We could use some of Reagan’s bold new path now, but Obama won’t be the one to lead us there.