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'Voter suppression files' found outside Dems Judiciary Office

We are the beneficiaries of this photo taken this morning by an astute Tatler House of Representatives source outside the Democratic staff office of the House Judiciary Committee.

House Judiciary Voter Suppression Files Photographed by Tatler Source outside Rayburn Office B351 this morning

This box was found this morning sitting on a palett outside a room in the Rayburn House Office Building, the staff office for the Democratic staff office of the House Judiciary Committee . As you can see, the box is labeled “Voter Suppression Files.”  Now what exactly is in those boxes?

Due to the change in the House from Democratic to Republican, many staff offices are being moved and boxes line many hallways outside of offices.  The Democrats previously occupied the majority staff offices and are going to smaller minority offices.  The Tatler believes the boxes may have been destined for B351 in the Rayburn House Office Building.

For many years there have been rumors that Democrats have tried to suppress the votes in suburban, exurban and rural areas.

When our observant Tatler source returned to the scene of the crime this morning, the palette had been moved and was gone.

Update: We have a follow-up post on this here.