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Violent rehtoric from lefty wingnuts in Kansas

On December 11, I received an email from Michael Caddell at Radio Free Kansas. One of my predecessors at my day job had subscribed to this communist wingnut’s email news letter and no matter how many times I’ve asked him to take me off his list, I keep getting them.

Among the other amusing little tidbits:

• But when prominent operatives for either the Kansas Democratic Party or the Kansas Republican Party start to cuss us we tend to nut up and get serious about lobbing literary and audio grenades over their stonewalling careerists heads.
• Much like Gill Scott Heron quipped, “the military and the monetary” we stock up on food, guns, ammunition and go “native.”
• We got Glenn Beck crying about Armageddon, but we got our guns, food stocks, ancestral shacks and a healthy dose of skepticism toward all government authorities.
• We’ll grow reefer, too.

And WE’RE the violent ones?

Hey Mike, maybe you should lay off the homegrown reefer…