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Still waiting (and waiting) for the cavalry

Roger is right, unfortunately, when he says that President Obama “is suddenly looking not so bad for 2012.” (Don’t you just hate it when the boss is right?) Among the reasons given, are the President’s belated lesson in this country’s essential center-rightness, an ego bigger than even his ideology, a complicit media, economically-benficial gridlock, the electoral impotence of the far-left, and an economy which surely must improve by 2012.

All very good, if distasteful, reasons.

But there’s one more reason why Obama is sitting pretty: A weak and disorderly field of GOP hopefuls. The “best” candidates for a fiscally-conservative/socially-moderate like myself aren’t well-known nationally, the best-known candidates have potentially fatal-flaws, and the big-government social-cons (cough, Huckabee, cough) don’t hold much appeal to the center, or even to many Tea Party types. Then there’s Chris Christie, who won’t run before 2016, if at all.

And the race starts in earnest, only a year from now.