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Controversy continues over aging Nazi

The controversy surrounding 97-year old Nazi Bernhard Frank – brought to the fore by American filmmaker Mark Gould and reported yesterday by Pajamas Media – continued in the pages of today’s Jerusalem Post. Knesset members from three major Israeli political parties (Kadima, Likud and Shas) are on record as supporting the extradition of Frank, who signed many early documents in 1941 that helped initiate the “final solution,” from Germany to Israel for trial.

Lined up against this are Efraim Zuroff of the Wiesenthal Center, whose arguments seem largely based on accusing Gould of being a self-promoter, and now Yad Vashem (The Israeli Holocaust Museum) that alleges “We do not have information in our archives that point at Bernhard Frank being a high-level Nazi official.”

Gould responds: “Things just keep appearing all the time. I’m Mark, a guy from California who stumbled onto this. Yad Vashem can’t be everywhere at every time. The SS alone was a million people at one time. Were they all criminals? No. But what Frank did was a war crime.”