The True Islamophobia at the WaPo

Liberals (currently often reactionaries) love to accuse the right of “Islamphobia” – an irrational fear of Islam. This is another case of projection. The liberals are the true Islamophobes and a perfect example is the spiking by the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog of Willis Elliott’s article on Muslim-Christian relations, which is published today by we supposed Islamophobes here at Pajamas Media.


The WaPo’s blog’s motives in censoring Dr. Elliott – such as they were – can probably be ascribed to what is popularly known as “political correctness.” In actuality PC is the public face of “cultural relativism,” the crypto-totalitarian philosophy that caused French intellectual Michel Foucault, a homosexual, to embrace the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini where homosexuals were – and still are – routinely murdered for their sexuality. Go figure. (Don’t look for dots like this to be connected at “On Faith,” I’m afraid. They think they’re good guys.)

When we were offered this article, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Elliott. Though a nonagenarian with a quavering voice, in his nineties this man, a former dean of NY Theological, definitely has all his marbles. We should all be so lucky. He is also of tremendous courage for fighting the WaPo and insisting that his work be published. I salute him.


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