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New Black Panthers march in MLK Jacksonville parade

This past weekend, parades and celebrations were held all over the country for the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  King’s work transformed America.  His vision of racial tolerance, inclusion and legal equality have unleashed blessings and material prosperity on this nation.  So it was unsettling to say the least that a racist hate group, the New Black Panther Party, marched in the MLK parade in Jacksonville.  The Florida Times Union blissfully reports the marchers included: “High school marching bands, ROTC programs, the New Black Panthers and Jacksonville Urban League.”

When you hear people say things like the Panthers represent “a fringe outfit” or “only have a few members” or “are extremists nobody takes seriously,” you might ask the organizers of the Jacksonville MLK Day parade if they agree.  You might ask Dan Scanlan at the Florida Times Union how the vile racist thug history of the New Black Panther Party escaped his paper’s purview.  Then again, what can you expect from the dead trees media?