The PJ Tatler

Update on Inspire Edition #4

In an article on military strategy in the latest edition of Inspire, al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula’s English-language magazine, a prominent Jihadi theologian argues that a new division in Jihad should be made. Those located in Arab/Islamic countries can focus on strategizing about creating “Open Front” warfare throughout the Muslim world, to gain the strategic goal of territory. However, the emphasis in the West should be locals attacking from loose cells or as individuals.

“That the basic axis of the Resistance’s military activity against America and her allies now, must lie within the framework of ‘light guerilla warfare’, ‘civilian terror’ and secret methods, especially on the level of individual operations and small Resistance Units completely and totally separated from each other,” states Abu Mus’ab Al-Suri in “The Jihadi Experiences: The Military Theory of Open Fronts.” “In most Arab and Islamic countries, with their current political divisions and entities, the preconditions for Open Fronts are not present. In most cases, they are arenas suitable for Individual Terrorism Jihad, small units, and secret guerilla warfare, as a result of the dense presence of different American and allied interests, and of Western and Zionist hegemonic projects.”